English Grammar- Future idenfinite and continues

*English Grammar- Future idenfinite and continues*
*प्रश्न=1- my brother .... thirty six next year.*

अ)shall be
द)will be✔

*प्रश्न=2-Radha ... staying there.*
अ)shall be 
ब)will be✔
स)would be

*प्रश्न=3-Ikrar....playing cricket tomorrow morning.*
अ)will be ✔
ब)shall be
द)would be

*प्रश्न=4-If you come here,I ..... you.*
अ)will help ✔
ब)shall help
स)should helped
द)would help

*प्रश्न=5-When it ......., the plants will grow.*

*प्रश्न=6-I shall buy a cycle, when the prices .....down.*

*प्रश्न=7-When he gets home, his daughters ....reading*
ब)shall be
स)will be✔

*प्रश्न=8-I .....doing this work till the end of this month.*
स)should be
द) shall be✔

*प्रश्न=9-Rahul .......for the examination next month*
अ)will prepared
ब)will be prepare
स)shall be preparing
द)will be preparing✔

*प्रश्न=10-my son.....five next june.*
स)shall be
द)will be✔

*Q.11 By next year I .......(make) five hundred students in Raaz Vidyapeeth College.*

1 shall have made✔
2 will make
3 shall am making
4 none

*Q. 12 I ....... (finish) the book by next month.*

1 will finished
2 has finished
3 shall finished
4 shall have finished✔

*Q. 13 The postman ........(come) soon.*

1 will come
2 was coming
3 will be coming✔
4 has come

*Q.14 If he works hard, he.....(get) the first division.*

1 shall get
2 gets
3 will get✔
4 got

*Q.15 He.......(leave) before you go to see him.*

1 will leave
2 leaves
3 was leaving
4 will have left✔

*16. Her face maturity speaks that she .....above forty.*
A. Will 
B. Will be✔

*17. Those boys ......pens and pencils.*
A. Will have✔
A. Shall have

*18. I .....arrive tomorrow.*
A. Shall
B. Will
C. Both ✔
D. None

*19. He .....watering the plants at present.* 
A. Is
B. Will
C. Will be
D. A or C✔

*20. She..........away the luggage tomorrow.*

A. Will carrying 
B. Will be carrying ✔
C. Is carrying 
D. None

*21. She .....consult the doctor,  I..........*
A. Will be, think
B. Will be ,thought 
C.  Will , think ✔
D. Will be, is thinking 

*22. He....... us next Sunday.*
A. Will be meet
B. Is meeting 
C. Will be met
D. Will be meeting ✔

*23. The post man......coming  soon.*
A. Will
B. Is 
C. Will be✔
D. B or C

*24. It.....raining, I ......take an umbrella.*
A. Is , will ✔
B. Is , might 
C. Will, will 
D. Might, will

*25. We ......know our exam results in May.*
A. Shall
B. Will✔
C. X
D. Both

*ममता जी जयपुर*

*Q. (26-29) Use the correct form the future tense of the verb given in the bracket:* 

*26. He _____ to the cinema tomorrow.  ( Go )*

*27. My son ___five next June. (Be)* 

*28. I ___for her when she returns home.(wait)*

*29. He ___this exercise by 8 O' clock.(finish)*

*Chetram Saini sawai madhopur*

*26-29 Answer Key*


26. Will go
27. Will be 
28. Shall be waiting

29. Will have finished

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